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ra•di•ant studios, is a beauty establishment that provides hair removal and natural airbrush tanning services.  We firmly believe that when we look our best, we feel our very best.  We are also aware that not everyone truly feels their best despite the number of salon visits, which brings us to our motto: To truly shine bright internally, our aura must radiate positive energy from deep within our core; hence, our studio name, theme, and environment.

The term “radiant,” is defined as "sending out light; shining or glowing brightly." At our studio, not only will you leave bare, bronzed, and glowing brightly on the outside; internally, you will feel happy, and confident -- with a sense of gratitude urging you to trust the process of transformation; not just in the salon, but in LIFE… long after you’ve left the salon and until it’s time to visit again.  

​Our mission is to provide a first-rate experience with top-quality products for men and women, within a positive and uplifting environment. We offer an inviting, comfortable, efficient and empowering beauty experience utilizing the highest grade of natural ingredients, while educating our clients on how to maintain healthy skin.  Positive, uplifting, comedic quotes are sprinkled throughout the studio creating an environment of, “A-HA” moments, to inspire a little pep in your step for the day. 

Hello from the

Dynamic Sister Duo...

Your personal esthetician, Ms. Erica Garcia-Wallace is a State of California licensed esthetician and is an expert professional who has been providing hair removal services for over seven years.  She is extremely knowledgeable in after-care products and maintaining healthy skin.  She is a wife, mother, sister, and a beautiful soul. There isn’t a question you can’t ask her. In this role, her small hands are her biggest asset!

​Your personal Glo-Pro Specialist, Ms. Davida Garcia is a San Diego native.  As a former New York City (NYC) resident, Davida was trained and certified by NYC’s spray tan pioneer, Brazil Bronze.  Brazil Bronze is an A-List favorite and Vogue calls it, “The Perfect Tan.”   As a certified Glo Pro Specialist, Davida uses the Brazil Bronze spray tan technique that has been mastered over the last 16 years.  Davida has a contagious positive personality and strives to uplift, inspire, and motivate everyone she meets.

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